The wraps called the shawl originally and literary came into being from Kashmir itself. The Shawl industry in Kashmir is as old as the Aryan itself, even in Mohanjudaro civilization historians have found evidence of the wrap called the shawls.

Royal Pashmina Shawls

Wrap up in beauty and warmth with a gorgeous handmade shawls, hand knit or crocheted by “baba shaw designer” in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. They are sure to make a very special gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. I never make the same Royal Pashmina shawls twice, so if you see one you love, be sure to get it while it’s still here.

Handmade Jamawar Shawls

Jamawar Shawls casting purity valuable and acquirement evokes the essence of girls. These shawls spells completely good mix of luxury . Created in numerous designs this beautiful wrap is made from soft wools. The woolen jamawar shawls square measure notable for his or her made and stylish look. These Jamawar Shawls square measure accessible in stunning and complicated styles, varied patterns and big selection of colors.


Pashmina Blankets

Wrap yourself in Luxury and Warmth Year-Round with a Finely Woven 100% Cashmere 4-Ply Blanket. At Pashmina Golden, we offer you High-Quality, Cozy and Lusciously Soft, 100% Pure Cashmere 4-Ply Blankets which is our Favorite year-round luxury item.

Pashmina Checks And Stripes

shaw brothers luxury checks and stripes pashmina shawls are chic and eye catching. Each piece was individually crafted over many days by shaw brothers collection in Kashmir. These Checks and Stripes are woven from hand-spun pure pashmina yarn and are gossamer-light, soft and warm. They are just beautiful to wear layered over coats or sweaters, or draped around the shoulders over an evening outfit. These stunning pashminas will take a look from simple to standout in an instant


Cashmere Shawls is extremely famed Shawls over the globe particularly in Indian and Pakistani girls these materials square measure collected from a base of loyal staff. As these gorgeous Cashmere  shawls are available in most colors, with a trifle creative thinking style you’ll use them to love your dresses for each occasion.  These awful Winter Shawls of girls square measure strictly over sewn. It’s AN absolute essential as you’ll wear it with something and everything.

Cashmere Blended

Shawls from Cashmere In Kashmir , art is a way of expression and these shawls reflect India’s true heritage. Situated in the lofty Himalayan Mountains, Kashmir is India’s valley of dreams. The region is famous for ancient craftsmanship and beautiful hand-woven designs.


Woolen Blended

shawbrothers “baba shaw designer” presents a curated collection of selected handmade Pashmina shawls from geographic region offered on-line. These showcase a range of embroidery designs like aari, chikankari, etc. that ar so finely executed that they look virtually the same on the reverse aspect. the best quality pashminas that ar hand-cleaned, hand made and woven ar embellished with this exquisite craft that symbolizes the labor of affection of the skilled worker who spends many months to a year or additional to provide birth to every jewel in this assortment. Pashmina springs from the inner hair of the Changra goat that vary from 12500-14500 foot. on the Tibetan tableland, atiny low a part of that falls in Ladakh. the majority of the massive demand is met from Buddhist Changpa nomadic herders from Tibet. Similar wool is also derived from Himalayan sheep from Nepal, Mongolia and Central Asia. They bring to life the dictum, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”