Jamawar Shawls of Kashmir


Jamawar woolen shawls can be said that are one of the more antique types of shawls out there, this doesn’t mean they are a forgotten piece of  a clothing item, in fact, they still remain in popularity and even have been growing due to their beautiful style and varieties of colors and materials.

The authentic jamawar shawls and the best quality too are made with pashmina wool, although, nowadays they are made with different materials like other types of wool, silk, and even polyester, the colors used for these shawls are really flashy and they usually have floral designs on it.

What makes jamawar shawls so special is the fact that at the beginning they were only worn by powerful merchants and noblemen, in fact, even Napoleon Bonaparte liked to use these beautiful clothing items.

Many factories nowadays in Kashmir and over the world produce machine jamawar shawls that are not authentic at all but are cheaper than jamawar woolen handmade shawls.

This beautiful art has been disappearing with the pass of time and you can find authentic pieces of jamawar shawls in really few places that still use the methods and original procedures to elaborate these clothing items.

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Shaw Brothers is a company that has stick to the origins of the shawl manufacture, keeping the handmade art which makes so especial and authentic these shawls as well as unique.

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