Sozni Woolen Shawls Kashmiri

Kashmiri shawls are those fine beautiful clothing items used by women over arms and shoulders and, sometimes, over the head as well, they are handcrafted and have unique designs for every piece made.

However, what gives to Kashmiri shawls that beautiful design and style is actually the embroidery they have on it, among those embroideries the most beautiful and harder to perform is the sozni embroidery.

In order to make this embroider a single needle is needed, and the material to make the designs are woolen, cotton, and other materials, it is also known as fine needlework. However, sometimes is confused with chain stitch.

Chain stitch uses a hook instead of a needle, the materials are similar to sozni, cotton, woolen or silk thread, despite being a great technique that gives a beautiful finish is not as fine and delicate as sozni embroider.

Why Sozni Kashmiri Shawls are Better

Nowadays Kashmiri shawls are becoming a fashion trend among women, this is not a strange thing due to the hard artistic work behind every piece made besides giving an elegant and beautiful aspect to woman´s outfit.

Kashmiri Shawls with sozni embroidery Shawls are made in a more delicate and artistic way, in fact, the actual way they were made in the beginning, by getting a sozni Kashmiri shawl you are not only getting a unique and precious shawl but the best of its kind.

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