Shamina Shawls  of Kashmir


Shamina woolen shawls are among all the different types of shawls one the leading in the list preferred by people in the world, the reason to this is that they are soft and really useful to use for the cold weathers, having the similarities of functions of a “scarf” but with an artistic, elegant, and unique design on them.

What makes shamina shawls sosoft and enjoyable to wear is that they are made with baby cashmere wool which means the fiber´s diameter is smaller than regular pashmina shawls, the design on them come with a variety of colors as well as different embroideries like the sozni embroidery.

These particular handmade woolen shawls take averagely 12 days to be made by an artisan and they are really hard to make due to the thin diameter of the hair fiber used.




Shamina shawls have become a so popular and demanded clothing item that many companies dedicate to the machine manufacture of these pieces making between 6 to eight shamina shawls a day, however, the authentic ones are handmade, and, most importantly unique.

If you want to get an authentic, beautiful,and unique handmade shamina woolen shawl, you have to make sure you buy it from a company that has trajectory and that offers this type of product, in fact, why to get a generic and fake shamina shawl when you can buy a scarf instead.

At Shaw Brothers, a company dedicated since 1830 to the elaboration of real, authentic pieces of art, you can buy shamina shawls and other kinds of shawls from your own house, without having the concern if is real or fake.

Shaw Brothers count with over 455 families that have handcrafted these clothing items for generations with the original techniques and procedures in order to provide you the most authentic and beautiful products.