Embroidery Shawls

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Embroidery Shawls of Kashmir


Kashmiri lamb wool shawls are beautiful clothing pieces of art that take a lot of time, skills, and patience to be made, nevertheless, despite the components of every handmade woolen shawl, what gives them that especial touch is without a doubt the embroidery they have on it.

Pashmina shawls are originally made with ibex hair which is a really expensive piece, although, they are also made with a blend of wool. However, the types of embroidery used for these shawls are papier-mache, aari, and sozni.


This type of embroidery is made in broad panels on the corners of the whole surface of the shawl or along the breadth of the shawl, the majority of the time when used this technique the designs are leafs or flowers usually outlined in black.


The Aari embroidery is performed with a hook and the design is a little bit similar to papier-mache with floral patterns and styles outlined in black as well.

Aari embroidery can be done by hand or with a machine, the designs can be adaptable to your taste and preferences.


Sozni is the pashmina shawl embroidery for excellence, this one is the most difficult to perform as well as the embroidery that gives that especial and authentic look to the Kashmiri shawls.

In the process, many needles with different shapes and sizes are used by the artisans to give the shawl the best and most beautiful finish of a worthy wearable piece of art.

If you really want to have a Kashmiri shawl that will give you the authenticity of how was made originally the piece, sozni is the best embroidery for you.

It doesn’t matter what your embroidery choice is, at Shaw Brothers you can buy online and choose whichever embroidery for your handmade Kashmiri shawl, made with the best artisans in the field who have been doing that for generations and have transcended the technique.